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Key results



Oilseed crop food security project
(PL480- Title 1 program)
Institutional strengthening
Extension outreach
Oilseed crop planting seed multiplication
Increased number of household cultivating oilseed from 17,380 to 27,300; formed 947 farmer groups
Increased supply of crushable raw material production from 3,220mt to 39,392mt


Infrastructure Improvement Project Rehabilitation of 181km of community roads in Lira and Apac district to improve marketing of farmers, produce 181km of community feeder roads linking farmers to main market in Lira rehabilitated
Reduction in cost of marketing of farmers produce
Increased farm gate price from 160 shs per kilo to 450/= per kilogram
Better access to main market using improved roads


Oilseed crop food security project

(PL480- Title 11 program)

Strengthening existing groups into business cooperative
Extension outreach on oilseed crop production and marketing
15 clusters comprising of 150 farmers groups built into clusters (4,500farmers)
6 farmer clusters provided with bulking stores and is functioning
Increased investment into oilseed processing from 5 to 65 oilseed industries

(VODP Project)

Vegetable oil development project phase 1 of the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries Establishment of Farmer Field Schools (FFS) for demonstration of new technologies
Trained and contract farmers to multiply Oilseed crop planting seed
Promotion of oils seed crop micro-processing in VODP new project area through training in ram-press operation and maintenance
121 households trained and adopted use of ram press for oil process
160mt of sunflower seeds multiplied and distributed to farmer groups for raw material production
Increased area planted under sunflower crops from 6,200ha  to 29,876ha
90% of oilseed crops farmers adopted growing of improved sunflower varieties



FAO Uganda

Promotion of sustainable production and micro-processing of oil seed {TCP/UGA/3101 (A)} Train in value addition
Train district extension officers as TOTs on oilseed crop agronomy, postharvest and marketing
Train farmers in oilseed crop improved techniques
Supply value addition equipments
Train and supply farmer groups with improve bee hives
3,000 farmers trained and adopted improved oilseed production techniques
Capacity of 150 farmer groups build in business skills
15 farmer group representative adopted soap making from sunflower and shea-nut oils
Two farmers groups PKWI in Bukedea and Aloito Joint christian in Kole) were trained and provided with oil expellers and are  processing and packing  vegetable oils at group level
Increase in oilseed crop productivity from 400kg per acre to 500kg per acre


(The Neitherland)

Weaving of the Oilseed web
Carry out the oilseed sub-sector scoping mission  Implement HIV/AIDS and Gender mainstreaming;
Staff capacity building in HIV/AIDS and Gender mainstreaming in development projects, Piloting development of 150 UOSPA farmer groups into business cluster (institutional strengthening)Â
Gender and HIV workplace police developed
15 UOSPA staff capacity built in gender and HIV/AID mainstreaming
6 (six) farmer cluster built into business cluster through warehouse receipt system
Scoping mission report highlighting strategy needed for oilseed crop  sector development produced