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Mission & Vision


To Contribute in making Uganda the leading producer of Quality Edible Vegetable Oils in East Africa Region by year 2030


 To increase oilseed farming household income, food and nutrition security


  • Build farmers groups into bankable business institutions
  • Increase oilseed crop raw material production and processing through supply of quality planting seeds
  • Provide information and trainings to farmer groups on oilseed crop standards and quality
  • Carry out farmer advisory services on oilseed crop agronomy, postharvest handling marketing and value addition
  • Advocate for favourable agricultural policies through stakeholders regional platform
  • Link producers and processors to better market

Intervention areas

UOSPA`s area of activities has been but not limited to:

  1. Institutional development and strengthening – farmers groups are organized and trained into good governance/leadership, marketing cooperatives (clusters), accountability and group dynamics
  2. Oilseed crop Production and productivity through extension outreach training program and demonstration of improved technology and innovations
  3. Business skill development and financial management – training farmers in bulk marketing and training in simple financial management and record keeping and promoting group saving and credit scheme among the organized groups
  4. Private sector business networks and linkages through pre-seasonal meetings and workshops. Where different actors producers, processors and traders meet to discuss and agree on prices, quality and quantity.
  5. Farmer led-improved oilseed crop planting seed multiplication and distribution; farmers are trained in sunflower and soyabeans multiplication technique and contracted to multiply planting seeds under UOSPA and MAAIF (Seed Certification Services) supervision
  6. Oilseed crop household value addition, promoting micro-processing through provision of processing equipment and training of farmers on processing
  7. Hosting oilseed sector Center of Excellence (CoE)
  8. Gender, HIV and AIDS mainstreaming in development projects.